The overall feel to that is oldschool mash and move as fuck and i love it

Overall just looks like a knife through butter even though the movement is unconventional as fuck and just looks plain weird at moments

Good job to the both of you
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
Guess there could have been still some improvements in movement between first and second dm, but it looked already real good as it is. Pretty much couldn't notice anything wrong when watching with default speed, so not really a problem.

Sick replay :)
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placeholder replay for ConCon's challenge thingy

absolutely insane as always bro. You gonna go for more or thats all for the replay?


we are better than you
YOu did not need to do poor uke like that. Amazing as always, always loved how you flow into your dms. Gives the replay a whole vibe to it. 10/10 <3


we are better than you
you still got it

opener kind of reminds me of oracle's discipline, i like it
execution is almost flawless imo, i dont like the left leg extend around ~100
the non-dm hits made it feel like you planned to do a manip but immediately stopped
the booms are satisfying
alright guy