Decreased: Boss ass opener, good start up to the manip but at 330 it was kinda slow n awkward.
The manip from there was beautiful.
You kinda stopped it for that boom but it's a boom so that's ok.
unnecessary skeet bro.

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Pretty neat replay, I suck at these replays and I have no idea how to cnc them, I guess you should be more careful with ghosting through bodyparts? Only bad thing I could find.
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fucking nearly in this bitch.
alota fucking momentum but again, with the ghosting (wooooooooo)
swift with flow, nice.
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Bow down to your god.

replay is actual good. It's clean with a little less speed that you usually have but still good.

The hand decap was kinda unnecessary but ok. The split was clean af.
Countinue this shit :>
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Opener was pretty stylish I like it, self foot grab was pretty cheeky too. Though I doubt it served much purpose, correct me if I'm wrong

Never been a fan of grabbing onto uke like that to gain more speed, I'm sure there are better ways of going about it.

right arm was pretty twitchy on the transition, personally would have kept it a bit higher but that's just me.

Doing all that for a single knee dm is a bit off putting to me, it also puts you in a very awkward spot as your speed is killed when your foot pushes against uke's thigh after the kick. But I'm sure you could do something with this, pretty decent so far.

Interested to see how you'll continue this. Good luck
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ok so opener is pretty nice cool spins n shit.

i like how you fake the knee kick then spin around real quick and get a sick double knee.

continue pls
Big fan of how you keep a good speed going while also keeping your movement smooth, hard to do without jerking around- shows a lot in stargazing and wishes and stitches
I'm not entirely sure what's up with some of your replays, I mean they're okay-ish but there's a whole lotta weird stuff going on. Like the one in your latest replay, there wasn't anything pretty cool or impressive there, the short manip wasn't much special and there weren't a whole lot of good looking dm's and the pose looks rather rushed into a rather contorted position.

Wishes and stitches was alright though, I like the fluidity. but it's nice if you make it a goal to at least do at least a boom whenever you grab onto uke. It's my personal opinion, however. Also, red wine's pretty fine, but starting off with a grab left a rather odd flavour to the replay. You could get a second boom there I think

Hm, I think you can do way better. There's a whole lot of room for improvement~