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Additional Legend 2022 - Static
Good morning/afternoon/evening, we felt it appropriate to break usual format for this one as it is a very rare and sad circumstance that warranted exception.
The below descriptions were constructed by those close to Static.

Lenshu innovator, single player rockstar, staff machine and overall bundle of sunshine.
He knew every inch of this game like the back of his hand, but more importantly he was a wonderful human being that the community will miss deeply.
RIP, a real legend.

Static was vastly talented within the world of Toribash. He was a Lenshu innovator, helping train the current best of the best, and set the bar for the modern competitive scene in the mod. He was able to translate this knowledge and skill to other areas flawlessly, particularly ABD and single player replay making. He was an educator, and selflessly strived to elevate those around him. His tenure as staff speaks volumes about his commitment to helping others. He worked as Event Squad, and Clan Squad; bringing positive change in the game and also to the staff that worked with him. His ability to lighten every situation made even the herculean tasks seem manageable, and through his work touched many lives here. This community will feel a thousand times smaller without his huge presence, and it is with great humility that we, as a community, honour his passing by inundating him into the hall of legends, where he belongs. On behalf of all of us, thank you.

Yeah, I only don't like erthtkv2 because of the mod's name. Make it "tkv2," and the mod will instantly become more popular. This is a valid reason as the name of the mod is still an important feature that no one seems to have yet discussed.
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crying just a little teeny bit

better late than never, he deserved to have been around to witness it but hindsight is unfortunately 2020. i wish that i didn't have to read about him like some estranged historical figure but from what i've heard he was a very loving caring person and very intelligent community figure who more than deserved this.
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Even a title so mighty as a legend did static ascend past. I love you, brother.
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Thank you for this. Static will always live on within us and this community.
'Haku is my lenshu senpai uwu' ~ Static