God bless you Static.

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Man I'm tearing up a bit. He deserves this 1000000000000%. You may be gone but not forgotten. Fly high brother 🕊
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Good morning/afternoon/evening, we felt it appropriate to break usual format for this one as it is a very rare and sad circumstance that warranted exception.
The below descriptions were constructed by those close to Static.

Lenshu innovator, single player rockstar, staff machine and overall bundle of sunshine.
He knew every inch of this game like the back of his hand, but more importantly he was a wonderful human being that the community will miss deeply.
RIP, a real legend.

Static was vastly talented within the world of Toribash. He was a Lenshu innovator, helping train the current best of the best, and set the bar for the modern competitive scene in the mod. He was able to translate this knowledge and skill to other areas flawlessly, particularly ABD and single player replay making. He was an educator, and selflessly strived to elevate those around him. His tenure as staff speaks volumes about his commitment to helping others. He worked as Event Squad, and Clan Squad; bringing positive change in the game and also to the staff that worked with him. His ability to lighten every situation made even the herculean tasks seem manageable, and through his work touched many lives here. This community will feel a thousand times smaller without his huge presence, and it is with great humility that we, as a community, honour his passing by inundating him into the hall of legends, where he belongs. On behalf of all of us, thank you.

I remember back when I was active on toribash almost every day I used to always challenge him to fight me and that I promised him I would beat him this time or the next or the next after that this was never the case though, if I ever had beaten him it was purely luck or me doing a move that was so strange that both of us would never have guessed the outcome, I wanted to beat him so bad because I looked up to him just for the statue that he made of himself I never really knew him that well nor did he know me that well.

We just came across each other, well I went looking for him in rooms but the way he carried himself and how he was to all of the people in our community, the amount of times I joined duels he had just to watch how he plays and to learn how to better my own moves I wanted to insert myself into his friend group, I know that this legend we called static has his spot in heaven, I just wish I was around more these past 2 years just to have had 1 more encounter or banter or duel with him.

seeing the threads about it really made me shed some tears, [Saint]Inuyasha had told me about it and I was in disbelief and shock I think I still need to process it but having said all that I wish homie to rest in peace and may he always be reminded as the legend he was.

Love you static always ~Softdubs
Joker Gang try to take us serious
Wow, I’ve been gone from the community for a bit and this really caught me off guard. Wasn’t ready for tears this early in the morning.

Me and Static first met around 2015, when I was running the tricktionary and he was very excited to be a part of it, completing many tricks and propelling the tricktionary further into the toribash spotlight. We grew fairly close over the years due to our love of toribash tricking. Throughout the years, as real life crept in we grew further apart but I always saw him as a close friend and someone who had just as much love for the community as he did for the game itself.

We were around the same age and I remember vividly the long nights and Skype calls we used to have while working on replays or just talking about all around toribash bullshittery. Thinking back on these conversations this morning makes me wish I would have had more time to say things to him.

Always hurts to see someone young go, hurts even more to see someone go that was part of my younger life and a shining light for the community. I will never forget you bro, your name has been in my forum posts since we became friends and it will stay there until the day these forums go offline.

Fly high, Static, you will be missed bro
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I haven't made a post here yet, primarily because I'm still to this day at a loss for words when it comes to the news of Static passing. I made a post on his initial memorial thread TANG made, but he deserves more words than I can put onto this forum.

I met static years ago, around the middle of 2018. I used to make replays, albeit really bad ones but Static was always a huge inspiration for me to keep pushing forward and to keep trying despite how difficult it may be, and how much I wanted to give up. He was always a very bright, welcoming, and kind soul, one with a heart made of pure gold. Besides the help he gave me with the game, he was also there for me when I needed him most outside of it as well, being there for me when I needed comfort or someone to talk to, there for me when no one else was, there for me when I needed someone the most. Static wasn't just another player, he wasn't just some staff, wasn't just some clan member. He was one of the most amazing people the game has ever seen since it's creation in 2006, not only because of his talent, but also because the amount of care and attention he gave the community itself.

I can't say more than the tens of people who have said things in this thread already. I'm horrible with words. But what I can say is Static will live forever onwards in my memories, not just as a player, or friend, but as a brother. If anyone fits the description of "Legend", it's static.

Fly high Chris.