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(PowPow) Power Punch

Welcome to [PowPow], a clan for cool ones Legend ones and you.

One day Bestboylol and Kadaro are walking around 'till they saw a fight. Two clans fighting each other to death. This was normal to the village where Best and Kadaro lives. Every day there will be a clan war. Best and Kadaro has been dreaming of creating a clan. Their dream is to make a clan and take the first place. Ten years later, Best joined a clan called Tekken. Tekken was his first clan to get in. Tekken helped him a lot. Tekken made him a pleb to a pro. Best still confused of which clan he should be in, even though he’s in Tekken. He’s not fit in Tekken so he left the clan. The Clan misunderstood him, they thought he’s betraying the clan. He joined clan to clan. Until he made his dream come true. Kadaro came just in time, Kadaro isn’t just like the old Kadaro he’s the new Kadaro. They both created a clan called PowPow. Every day they will open an event. The event will be that if someone beats Kadaro or Best they will join the Clan. Day by day PowPow grew. Until someone come join the event. She’s mysterious to the two fighters. She challenged them to fight. She fought them and won. She’s strong, smart, and has a fast reaction. She became the Co-Leader when she first joined the Clan. Her name is Nekokat. Now the clan are well known all over Galactus. The clan joined the main event of Galactus. All Clan Wars has a rule. Four rules. The four rules are 1: do not show mercy to any enemy, 2: In battles, each leader must bet something that is of equal value, to what are the other leaders bet 3: As long as it doesn't violate rule 2, anything may be bet, 4: In battle there is no surrender.

Character info

the leader / the creator of the clan , the awesome guy who everybody likes him for his lovely personality and funny jokes whatever happens you will like this guy because he is amazing

the best leader in the world / the creator of the clan , the guy who is there all the time to help you and give you all you want in the clan , he is so friendly and his personality is amazing and he is always there just for you

Nekokat is the first female to join the PowPow Clan. When she first joined the clan, nobody expects her to be good at anything. While the clan are searching for recruits, she had recruited more than 20 members. More than her clan mates Best and Kadaro. Those two still think she's bad or a pleb at fighting. Sometime later the first clan war had started. Best and Kadaro are losing. Losing points for PowPow to climb up the rank. It was Nekokat's turn. She uses her skills to turn the table around 5-5. after the fifth round she beated the enemy which the score is 6-5. She had carried the fight. One year later she broke the rule. She surrendered. She felt bad and left the Clan. For 2 years she never came back to join the clan. But! PowPow Clan still grows, trying to reach the top of the rank. Nekokat heard a lot of storied about PowPow everywhere. She heard the news, so she came back to join the clan. Nekokat will never leave, or betray her clanmates....no....Her Family.

beware this guy , he is the most dangerous guy in the whole clan , he can hack your computer so easily and steal all your files / he also is the technology genius in the clan so if you have a problem in your computer just ask him , he also is the most active member in the clan

Mody(No Longer in Clan):
the best (only) good tricking/sparrer/parkourer in the clan also known as the co-leader he helps leaders like bestboylol and kadaro doing choices and recruiting new players and he also tests other sparrers who want to join the clan so if you are a sparrer and you want to join the clan just head to this awesome guy



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The whole clan Team



Join Powpow clan fans!!

Clan Made by: Kadaro, Bestboylol, D3vil
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Nekokat :3

[and Kadaro ^^]
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so looks like you stole wapow's logo and FC's banners. lol
pm me your questions or applications

dance with my dogs in the night time
not realy if you look close..., ours does look different from its´ strukture and it is mirrored even.
and it has more colors...
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spoiler alert ->

Hi people, we're playing eachother in the Clan League!

Im inviting you to join in on planing the match on our clan board, specificly in this thread.

Really dont want to win on walkover, so please respond

im colors