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Belt keeps Resetting :S
Hi, I'm new to this game , but I worked my way up to orange belt (or near there) and it reset itself :/, every now and then it goes back to orange for 10 mins then goes again? is this normal or what?

I got samekind of.

As an example:

I got Brown Belt. I win one match, 135 games to Black Belt, I win another, 134 games to Black Belt. Lets say, i'm on fire and i continue winning until i got 100 games to Black Belt.

But, when i change server or i quit game and i come back after few hours or minutes, then i win one match, it says i got 135 games to Black Belt.

But, after an update (24h?), it is fixed, when i go play game,and win i, only left 99 games to Black Belt.

This doesn't matter me, because it updates. But i just were thinking is that normal. :P
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Yeah, its you have to wait for the updates. If you get up a belt in a server, and you switch servers, those fights will reset. The next day it will update.
Also its fights not wins.
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