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Powerdildo, I would say that your name falls into the grey area somewhere between "MrTwinkie" and "MadamC*ntFlaphead*

So a mod banned you from a room, so what? Its just one room so build a bridge and get over it. Had you said nothing we would have never thought of it again.

Now I want to ban you myself, so that your simulating personal personality doesn't overstimulate into blowing our cool.

There is kids here. If your parents wouldn't approve, then we don't approve.

We are your digital parents. Now take off your pants. Tis time for a spankering!

(Ps: Veb would be your kind Mother. I am your arsehole Father.)

oh quit your bickering you old man, you divorced me like ages ago and I got full custody you don't get a say anymore.

and stop shouting all the time, hurts my ears, and you won't get any casual lovin' if you keep all the yellin'.