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Public/Ranking Mods Poll
We're now conducting a (semi-regular) poll on mod choices for public and ranked rooms!

You can find the Google Form here!
you do not have to be signed into a google account, and your emails are not recorded

Feel free to leave any feedback here, along with suggestions that are not covered by the poll. All of your suggestions will be used to improve public rooms, and TB staff appreciates your participation!
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Originally Posted by Smaguris View Post
If people have been asking not to include TK into ranked rotation for months and no one listened, what's so different about this?

Because it's a tad more professional to have all of the communities opinions on a topic, in this case mods to be played, in one area and easily accessible instead of random people saying things spread all over the forum and ingame.
Also gives everyone a chance to anonymously get their opinion out there.
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While purging TK isn't the focus of this poll, the conversation in the community has been in parallel with a similar conversation among staff circles. It's simply not true that people haven't been listening -- There was resistance on both fronts, and I think it's important that we make some effort to give a voice to the community so we can properly gauge how everyone feels: hence this poll.

This poll should have come sooner, and the fact that it didn't falls on me. I apologize. If anyone wants to pursue that issue more, you're free to PM me, or DM me on discord. Otherwise, I hopefully righted that wrong by posting this now. If you have additional worries, either about how the poll is conducted, or if have suggestions, you're free to post here.

Regardless, the results of this poll will instigate changes in the public room lineup; Whether or not ranking is changed significantly highly depends on the results.

I should also say that I greatly appreciate everyone's compliance with some of the optional and non-important questions like asking for your username. It gives me a greater confidence in the results, and will ensure a more well-received set of changes.
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Will the results of the poll be publicly released? And if yes then when?
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"How r people still in jail? Just make alts lol" -Wizard
Also I'm an Event Squad member so feel free to ask me for help if you need it.
Yes, the results will definitely be made public.

Although it'll stop being advertised ingame next week, the poll doesnt have a set end date -- I was basically going to wait to close it until the responses stop trickling in.

After that, Ill probably spend a week or so processing and filtering results. Once thats finished, I'll release both the processed and the raw data here.

edit: I will not release the usernames of everyone who took the questionnaire, and I might do a bit of curating to remove rule-breaking answers (those including slurs, etc.) and memey stuff. I may also decide to omit all written answers entirely, if it becomes too timeconsuming to properly format it for a public release. The goal is transparency and to help people understand how the results will be used; if the release of some data becomes counterproductive, I may withhold it.

Some of that may change with community feedback prior to release.
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The changes will be solely based in how many people participated in the poll and their votes or there are others measures that you will take into consideration?

I mean, how much relevant will this poll be?
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We've also been recording public room activity for a while, so that will be a huge factor in what public rooms to remove and replace. As far as those public rooms go, this poll will be something we use as a reference for what mods to replace them with, what room types to focus on, and building a strategy to maintain public room activity.

With the ranked rotation, it primarily depends on the results of this poll and the consequent discussions.

As you pointed out, the number of respondents, the number of valid responses, and some other number crunching to filter results will also determine the relevancy of the poll.
One can spam the polls right? I dont think this should be allowed I could spam and end up with implementing some mods nobody want in this game... and this community as we all know is pretty small so it wouldnt take me more than an hour to outvote other options in this poll, although I wont do it but someone else will so you best do something about it.
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It's not something to be worried about. That possibility is always something I've been aware of, and it'll be taken care of when we process results. We have tools that make it extremely easy to filter out strange or repetitive responses.

And, as it happens, there's not been any even remotely significant incidents of abuse thus far.