We all wish we still relived the old memories. I'v practically been in this clan since day one.
In here when we were still called MAD ELEMENT.
Death Plague
"I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am"[Death Plague] "Light the fuses, BITCHES!"
Why would we want you:: Because I have good skills plus im very good in replay type. I wuv pusga and I would like to join because I have nowhere to join.
Tell us about yourself*: Well im a gamer and I enjoy playing on meh pc and I play good games like this. I go on forums to see whats going on and if theres vids then I comment or enter. I like football as well.
Best mod: Classic
Referrals**: I refer to buy gift card from roblox (a website I play) to buy gears and hats
Bans, infractions:: I don't know how many.
Previous Clans: Moff
Reason for leaving them: I didn't leave, it just happened
Special skills: Making replays and football.
Stats card:
Post 2 or 3 replays (can be multiplayer or singleplayer)*****:
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^ not sure if just obvious troll or also activity check.
either way 0/10 more effort could be used in your attempt (at sucking dick)
gg no re
C3 died. DP died. C3 died again
Every clan i join dies :C
youre ok buddy but youve barely been around, and this is probably one of the least newbie friendly clans due to the fact that youre not going to grow much in a group of people that is not playing toribash frequently anymore lol. if you want to go on steam and play videogames with us, sure but not a good idea to join if you want to play toribash with us
oh yeah
Why would we want you:: I think i can bring a little bit of tricking to this clan (Im not very good at it tho ) and i wanna bring some spar i ove spar so much i always look for a spar and if there is a beginner i will always try my best toteach them.
Tell us about yourself* real name is Matthew and i loooove football but whenever i get time to play tb i always do this is my fav game by far and its the best game i can play.
Best mod: Spar
Referrals**: I dont really have any
Bans, infractions:: I have never been banned and infraction once (I was new to the forum then)
Previous Clans: (CriDis) (Momentum)
Reason for leaving them: I left (CriDis) because they just let me in any they never warred. i left (Momentum) because they were getting boring and always lost wars
Stats card****:
Post 2 or 3 replays (can be multiplayer or singleplayer)*****:
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Dog VS GixeN.rpl (189.5 KB, 3 views)
Swave Flip - Dog.rpl (83.0 KB, 5 views)
Force & Speed.rpl (157.9 KB, 5 views)
I the king of all Dogs