wooaaaaw awesome replays spaft
the best are head hunter air spin and high decap jump

My newest:
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TheSimpsonsGlue.rpl (99.6 KB, 10 views)
Awesome combo omqQ,, 8/10 good job

heres my newest sparr.
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kekko-sparr_with_swexx.rpl (667.3 KB, 13 views)
Do you know, how to do nothing and still think you're helping?
nicee fight kekkonen

some fun replays, the same climb but different jumps :
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Ouch.rpl (176.9 KB, 8 views)
Climclimc.rpl (201.8 KB, 7 views)
Spaft, ur replays are hard to evaluate, baceuse they are flawless man!
All the replays with realism, the second repl pose was a bit forced but u managed it.
Well as i said, flawless, u post ur replays to make fun of us

Here is one i made today, its an example of realism and skill on wushu.
Notice that in the 2nd turn, she had no chance xD I already knew what to do

Edit: The move was created by me, so dont copy xD
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!1WUSHU_SkipCaBOOM_FailxD.rpl (44.2 KB, 9 views)
Hello, world.
lol very nice sock i would have never saw that coming :P

finally did some replays in sp for a change lolVVVVVV
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Tiff-crack.rpl (96.5 KB, 11 views)
Tiff-perfect aim.rpl (121.5 KB, 9 views)
Tiff-15.rpl (115.3 KB, 5 views)
Tiff-17.rpl (185.3 KB, 5 views)
Tiff-18.rpl (165.3 KB, 5 views)
[WcG] [OLDA] [RL] [BRO] [WL] [SKL] [iG] ~[Aeon]....MOBI is BLACK and SEXY!! FTW
tiff, tiff-crack is aweomse :]

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guys the replay thread is empty and has been empty for awhile so please try and get your replays up...because i would love to see them =]

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stormy.rpl (120.5 KB, 7 views)
it's nice but im not a fan of the kicks you did 7/10
[WcG] [OLDA] [RL] [BRO] [WL] [SKL] [iG] ~[Aeon]....MOBI is BLACK and SEXY!! FTW
xD it's ok and looking forward to the replay!

also VV 2 of my replays
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Tiff-cyclone.rpl (417.4 KB, 10 views)
Tiff-sychopath.rpl (154.0 KB, 7 views)
[WcG] [OLDA] [RL] [BRO] [WL] [SKL] [iG] ~[Aeon]....MOBI is BLACK and SEXY!! FTW