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Random2.lua for multiplayer

Do you like starting every multiplayer match with a random opener? Maybe you wanna do a couple of first random moves? Or maybe you wish to randomize your game as much as possible? Well i've just made a little script which will help you do that.

download the script
put it into data/script folder
type /ls random2.lua
whenever it's your turn and you wanna do something random:
- just press the randomize button!
- or press 'q'
// edit - doesn't work in singleplayer //edit2 - now works for tori in singleplayer

Special thanks to AssassinPro for providing me with info on how to make a button and how to get player username.
This is my first script so feel free to post your opinion about it and suggest changes. I may make it more customizable if anyone will want to use it (apart from me).

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Last edited by 0xdead; Feb 1, 2023 at 05:25 PM. Reason: minor update
script minor update.
- added keybind to 'q' for easier use
- works for tori in singleplayer

also using only random moves happened to beat decapAI_Uke[BOT] once