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competitive board
i think there should be a board for the discussion of competitive mods and topics
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I agree. Toribash doesn't ahve very many competitive youtubers which is a shame, but it would be nice to see posts and ideas about current meta etc
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how come i get infracted for saying i support an idea when demon can just say LOL and nothing happens? what is this ratchetry?

anyway, yeah i support this idea.
Just a board for discussing public mods would be useful in my opinion. I can imagine a stickied post that explains the rules of each public mod with a brief intro on what the unique mechanics are. There could be a competitive flair for higher level players to discuss strats and meta. It's hard to say how receptive people will be to the board, whether higher level players will even give a shit or want to share their knowledge, but it will at least give a jumping off point for new players to learn and ask questions.

it's not about competitive mods its about anything tb competitive-related.
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