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Gameplay suggestions + some other stuff...
So, since other threads got deleted or whatever, I will repost my ideas.
Replay continuation:

So,it is basically the ability to load any replay online,and continue it from any frame specified by you.

The benefits of this are quite obvious.I just wanna know the technical difficulty
of implementing this.Hampa has already done something,so that if you come midgame...you can still see part of the match.So, it seems pretty plausible to me.

Damage system manifestation:

Now, this suggestion will be a modding feature that will spur some activity for the modding scene.It is the ability to somehow manifest the damage system so that only predefined body parts(knees,legs etc..) cause damage.I don't know the difficulty of implementing such a system..so if you have any idea..do share.

3D object texturing would be great of course, I thought I'd mention it here again.


Adding a sort of timeline for single player.You know...so you can navigate easily through the frames(kinda like what frozen synapse has).


This suggestion is not about the ability to play more than 2 people in the same game!So don't misunderstand!It is about the ability more than one match in a server.This would be quite useful for tournaments,where you'd have four people battling it out(for example) in the same time instead of two.A small icon in the bottom left corner that would reveal the tournament bracket would be lovely as well.This game could use some presentation enhancements.
It would be great if you could have all people fighting round 1 fighting at the same time etc...(but that's pushing it I guess).


A matchmaking service with options such as belt,amount of tc to duel for,win rate.I heard there were some technical problems introducing this into the game so not so sure...about it.


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