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Original Post
So I have received permission from Orko to post the following idea:

I have an idea for the GENERAL replay making community of setting up an IRC where we can show, share, and challenge one another to strive for ORMO status.

The IRC would be available to everyone, where those floating in the chat can show WIP's looking for some real-time cnc, share ideas on replay making styles, debating replay makers you enjoy viewing, and how you feel the meta of replay making in general.

ORMO is very helpful assisting us with WIP's and other problems we may have in regards to replay making, sparring ect, ect. But ORMO isn't as consistent as we wish they would be, due to the fact that they are ppl who have lives and agendas as well.

1 With this in mind it would reduce the amount of "spam" we give them, in regards to how much we ask them to view our replays while seeking their recognition and actual help.

2 Would bring the general community together in a more organize fashion instead of "bumping" every few hours, or days after not receiving cnc for our replays
(despite me thinking that won't stop -_-).

3 Most importantly make the transition from beginner, intermediate, advance, and the goal were all striving for ORMO a lot easier by helping one another improve in a more helpful and productive fashion.

maybe the IRC could be something like #rmu (replay makers united), or something a little more better idk =/

Please vote.
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