World Championship 2022
since noone seems to be giving any, wall of CnC incoming.

for the pk, i'd definitely say try to get more consistent arm movement in the run. this looks really clunky. not sure if im a fan of the knees either but they're not the worst. cant really tell if this was meant to be more of a speed replay than a stylish one, but the mid section is really lackluster with you basically just launching through the map without interacting with the obstacles too much. the run at the very end of the replay is by far the best part.

in the spars, there isn't really much sparring going on and you seem bored. might be because the opponents you have aren't good, but as the better player you should be trying to control the distancing and pacing of the spar imo. i think you often bait yourself into getting to much airtime and not being able to do much afterward without looking really slow.

you have good flow of motion and are pretty decent at pulling off tricks, but it feels like you rush all of them. try to get all of your limbs involved in the best possible way, most of the time only 3 of them at best are doing their job. i think once you get more consistent at quicker and smoother recoveries out of tricks, your overall speed will go up a ton and you will look great. your form i cant complain about, but you do tend to be a little on the stiff side.

another tricking in sparring tip i would like to point to actually sticking to. ONLY throw hooks out of a twist if; A: it will be a relevant offensive maneuver, or B: it will help you face your opponent when you land. most of the time these go hand in hand, but i think sticking to this will help your spars look more like spars.

one thing i've noticed as a trend throughout the replays, your dont seem to be too aware of your arms and chest, in almost every replay you will go from barely moving them, to moving a little too much, sometimes even twitching. your legs are managed way better, but even with them you're often putting your weight just a little too far behind yourself, and its another cause of you moving slowly.

overall you're looking like a quite solid player though.
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tricking thread
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i am a god awful tricker but i feel like this carries into everything that has to do with replay making

your flow and form for the most part is really solid, and I think you're getting better in terms of looking less stiff, but I notice you twitch as if you changed your mind about what you wanted to do or you wanted a specific joint to be in position as fast as possible

granted i don't trick so this may be a common thing among trickers, but it's really noticeable and if you fixed it you would have huge potential because everything else is really nice
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