yeah, sometimes his problem is trying way too hard to be artsy and innovative, thats hit or miss. worked in mbdtf but didn't in tlop, at least to me.

the life of pablo was a big fucking mess, most of the songs being garbage, some of them not making any sense and it sounded like the concepts kept being changed throughout the album. also, the fact he changed the album AFTER releasing it is pretty shitty, not that i dislike the changes, but i just hope nobody ever does that again. its not Wow Cool And Artsy - just another failed attempt at that

i wouldn't say kanye is a hip-hop god. his music is fun, innovative, creative, influential, but he's not the best producer, rapper or producer-rapper out there. his discography isn't flawless either, as in, he has bad albums (i havent listened to yeezus and 808s yet btw, but not that excited to do that)

also his brain is not a fucking powerhouse lmao, thats what he wants u to believe. kanye IS an egotistical asshole because he is
oh yeah one last thing, kanye has a lot of co-producers, co-writers etc. since god knows when, still, people forget abt that fact for some reason
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That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
@artic Yeah except the thing is, Kanye realizes art as a whole is all connected. Paintings, drawings, architecture, fashion, music are all art. Art is about pushing boundaries and innovating. People want new, fresh shit. Have you ever heard of Yeezys, the shoe that Kanye came out with? Also, everything someone creates is going to have fluctuations in quality it's literally unavoidable if you're creating any sort of art.

He is so obsessed with pushing the best product forward to further evolve the art, that he interrupted T Swift at the VMA's to share what he felt was the actual winner. Who else in the hip-hop has done that shit?

Also, you should check out Yeezus it has a few good tracks with insane producing. ex. Blood on the Leaves. 808's and Heartbreak was revolutionary for the time and pushed hip-hop in an entirely new direction.

Also, about changing the album, it's not something new that he's done. The College Drop Out was leaked early, so he revamped it and re-released it and it fucking destroyed anything that existed at the time. So I don't agree that re-releasing tracks take away from the value at all.

but yeah u do have some good points. i dont like it when people shut down convo/debates but kanye is a lot more talented than a lot of people give him credit
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