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Ameer Vann, brockhampton
so recently, ameer vann has gotten kicked out of the music group brockhampton

he was accused of abuse/cheating which is why he gotten kicked out of brockhampton from what ive gathered.

what are your guys' thoughts?
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Fucking SJWs man. They always ruin everything.

yeah shits dumb, pretty bad decision on kevin abstracts part. it will only go downhill for them now.
they only did it to save their own brand name from people who'd assume that BH tolerates all the fuck nigga activity, it's pretty much a cuck move imo
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on a more serious note, i don't believe they kicked ameer just because of some stupid shit he did in the past. if you read the message they posted it says that they were "lied to"
i imagine something else about ameer came to light besides being an abusive fuck in the past which was the reason they decided to kick him, so we don't really have the whole picture yet. none of these allegations had any type of evidence attached to them either

there's also people calling him a pedophile, even though the high schooler he had sexual relationships with was around the age of consent of that country
not only that but ameer was also in high school

idk if kicking ameer was the best way of handling it. now the whole group is fucked because of that, since ameer is in most songs of the saturation trilogy AND their new album. how will they perform those now? will they just skip his verses? yeah i doubt it

he's also in each saturation album cover, so they really ARE fucked

if their fanbase wasn't full of tumblr/sjw bitches i doubt they would've gotten that much backlash
some people truly believe it was the right decision without knowing shit
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surprising but not surprising at all at the same time, i expected this to happen

i don't think they just told him to fuck off without looking into this entire situation appropriately, so i don't think they kicked him out of the group because of the allegations alone. theres probably more to it. i mean, it took them nearly one month to announce this decision, so it probably wasn't rushed and they probably confirmed the girl's story - maybe he even admitted to it, we can't know

what i dont like about this is the fact that they got rid of a member of the group who was also their friend for a long ass time, seemingly. there are lots of lyrics about ameer, matt and kevin being broke together in texas and whatnot. so i think that they could've actually tried to go through this shit together, since ameer isnt some random guy that they picked up, but a friend of theirs??

i think thatd only happen if they cared about the group and its members more than their record deal and the fucking fanbase, which consists of tumblr boys and girls who love the group bc theres a gay guy who talks about being gay in it

when it comes to the musical aspect, although sat3 is my favorite bh album, ameer's lyrics, themes and flow (god) were getting seriously annoying, repetitive and bland, even though he was my 2nd favorite in both sat1 and sat2. he isn't really the most talented, creative and unique rapper out there, but he did add something to their music, especially in those first 2 saturation records.

"replacing" him with jaden smith is a really bad joke though
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That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
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"replacing" him with jaden smith is a really bad joke though

scared of the truth.