Only like 3 of his songs (there's more but mostly 3) caught my attention and I'm pretty bummed that his gone now. It always wonders me why people actually like to take someones life.

I made a beat that would fit a sad XXX song because those are the songs that caught my attention: https://soundcloud.com/rickiebanzo/restinpeacex

rest in peace X.
sippinteainyohood, iloveitwhentheyrun, moonlight, sad!, riot, a ghetto christmas carol are great tracks.

But Yung Brats and Look at Me are icon in my opinion.
Rest in peace X i saw this information 1 hour after he got shot and 1 hour before i was listening again to his album "?". People can say whatever they want, but X is a really good person, actually for the killers ppl are saying it's Soldier Kid because he was at a restaurant near the motorcycles shop " like 9minutes to go from the restaurant to that shop " he also posted two tweets "that he removed some minutes after he posted them"


He also did a live on instagram where you can see him in that restaurant with a gun on his thigh and then he posted a picture of him with a mask and a gun.

Well... Nothing is sure atm

Also Jimmy Wopo died the same day too rest in peace
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I still can't believe he's dead. He had so much love for people coming up
damn it feels good to be a gangsta'
I'm pleasantly surprised that there's little to no negative comments here. It's great that there's still places where people aren't dancing on his grave.

RIP X, one of the biggest inspirations to my music and someone who I truly believe became a good person. Real evidence that people can change. I'll be bumping your shit for years to come.
He might’ve have done some fucked up shit but he did his time and attempted to change
That’s all you can really ask for
Being shot at 20, he was not a good person for sure
Undead Leader - Item Forger - Left-Handed - DeviantArt - Scorpius
Idc what you all believe or say but he was my favorite artist, I started listening to him in art class in marchish of 2017 when I saw his track ''what in xxxtarnation'' and I listened and followed him ever since and I still will even after his murder.