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the great end of 2018 chart thread
(last year's thread)

it's december

post charts of cool music that you listened to in the last couple months or whatever you think is really worth mentioning. feel free to add non-2018 releases to your list, as i did that too.

you can create your chart here!!!!! doesn't matter if you only listened to 2 albums, feel free to post and share recommendations and whatnot


it's not ordered from best to worst, it's based on how much those albums impacted me on first listen or over time, or how much i listened to them etc. for example, i think long season is better than yeezus, but i listened to yeezus until i couldn't take it anymore this year

now post
That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???


sorta vaguely ordered from how much i listened to/enjoyed the album this year

i really didn't listen to enough radiohead this year man dang wow......

6 months 5x5

Here is a chart with the 25 albuns that I have most listened in the last months. I used tapmusic.net because I have last.fm, so it makes the chart automatically.
A note on Jonny Cash: he is only present in this chart because I have played the song "Ring of Fire" in loop for an entire day while playing Fortnite with friends, trying to find the rings of fire to jump through with the golf cart.

As I see this chart, I notice that I haven't listened too much Black/Doom Metal lately, staying more on ambient and drone music.
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Kind of in order
Magnetic should be lower because there are a couple of awful songs in it
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oh yeah