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What's your favourite theme tune?
Out of all the children's cartoons, to teen dramas on Dinsey Channel, to the heavy HBO stuff and even all the different anime's out there, what's your favourite theme tune / intro / outro?
Standalone songs that were released prior to the show but used in the theme are allowed.

Some that come to my mind include:
Downton Abbey
Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Noragami Aragoto

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My favourite opening is Uraginimono No Requiem or something like that. It has 3 versions that adapt to whats happening in the anime and also a bit of fanservice in the most masculine no homo way of course.
Theme would be Torture Gang Dance Song which wad pretty amazing.
And my fav ending is either Last Train Home or I Want You
(Yes all of these are from JoJo, yes all i watch/read is JoJo :v)
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The entire Hellsing(OVA) OST is sick, actually it's my all time favourite soundtrack. I love this one:

jojo part 5 ost is hella sick too
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P5 the Animation, Btooom!, Darker than Black, Fullmetal Alchemist and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki.

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The best video game intro ever made in my opinion. Also brings back a lot of memories
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I've always enjoyed nuvole bianche's theme, no matter what instrument its played on since someone played it for me during a low point

also merry christmas mr lawrence is another dope track

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