anyone have a clan that I can join? soloing shit sucks bc shaman sucks and i dont want to level an alt
big head on the beat
mains 120 shaman, I have a 110 rogue alt and a 90 dk alt
E: forgot to mention I'm on bladefist on horde, might be willing to change realms tho ill see.
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big head on the beat
Ah poor guy, your class is very weak in this xpac dude (try healing though). I'm waiting till 8.1 to start leveling my 110s to 120.

I'm a 374 Void elf Monk on Ravenscrest alliance.
yeah we keep getting worse. like why does flame shock need a cooldown. the only thing ele is OK for is aoe / cleave. its cool tho i deal
big head on the beat