I have it, played few games, meh. It's fine but I guess I play LoL too much to change to Dota now.
Plus, I suck even more than in LoL ;_;
purely cosmetic changes that you can buy with real money and a game where people insult other people for being russian or not russian?
wow, sounds familiar

been playing a bit, took me a while to get used to the gui and graphic changes, actually still getting used to it, 6 or 7 years of warcraft3 dota, i guess i should expect it.

some aspects are better, some im not so happy with, overall, im enjoying it, it just feels the same as dota1, which im bored of lately
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That'll be the case since they said they're doing a port first and changing second :v
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Added some nice recent competitive matches to the OP, definitely recommend watching them, both are action packed and show incredible teamwork in balanced games.
1 key to rule them all
Also, how does one get a beta key for it nowadays?
I already have one.
Is their referrer keys?
As far as I know, beta keys are (almost never) distributed nowadays through

But if you actually want a chance to get in as well as a bunch of cool cosmetic items to go along with it you should buy in here for 40$:
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I just so happen to have a spare copy of DOTA 2 on my steam if anyone wants to trade for it. Not quite sure what I want though :S
Can anyone suggest me a good invoker playstyle,I usually go exort quas which dominates early game but I seem to do very low damage later on.

Smack Bitches.

wex/exort is still very good even after the emp nerf.

e: actually just keep going quas/exort and use forge spirits to make sure it doesn't get to lategame. PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH
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With invoker it depends on what you want to do.
If you want damage you go Exort > Quas. If you want utility you go Quax > Wex.
If you want push you go Wex > Quas. ( Forge spirit and alacrity, use it on the siege minion for maximum pushing. ) At about level 16 you can pretty much do what ever you want with him.