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i just pulled 2 fkin legendaries and 1 epic in a pack
tinkmaster and vancleef,
and the treant druid spell

Tor1g0d embodied as a noob. Hey, atleast i'm back and nice!
too bad tinkmaster sucks now, hopefulyl you used the 100% DE thiung that went on

and if anyone actually still thinks its pay2win : reynad and trump both climbed the ladder to legendary with all basic decks.
T0ribush: I could not get into two worlds even if my life depended on it.
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Free decks*

But yeah, everything can be acquired without paying, it takes a hell of a lot of time, but it is possible. Not to mention that you don't actually have to have so many epics/legendaries to win.

Right now I'm spamming the hell out of arena, gathering some dust for legendaries.

Anyone still play on the american server?
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Fagm duck fuck everyone.


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T0ribush: I could not get into two worlds even if my life depended on it.
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So I got the beast as my very first legendary.

Not the best legendary but I'm not gonna disenchant it, at least not now.
Looking into putting it in a hunter deck, but I need a bit of help doing so.

What do you suggest a good hunter deck with the beast in.
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Fagm duck fuck everyone.

Arena grind is the way to go.
After spamming 6-9 win arenas and buying packs with gold, decided to use the last 150 gold I have for a final arena run, but as the draft was utterly horrible (mage with only 2 firebolts and an arcane missile) as well as having my pc shut down in the middle of a game and me being way too tired, I decided to retire with only a one win key.

That key, my good lads, brought me this pack.

Pay to win my arse.

<&Erth> fagm <&Erth> duck <&Erth> *fuck
Fagm duck fuck everyone.

i used to play hearthstone when it was in beta.
i started playing it again yesterday.
europe severs though.
got some golden glowing card ( are those legendarys? ) today after winning arena.
card was some 4 attack 2 defense card that lets you draw a card each time one of your monsters dies.

but i agree hearthstone is not really pay to win since you can farm everything with daily quests etc you can get into the arena without paying.
got 3 wins 3 losses in my first arena btw
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No, legendary means it has an orange gem in the center. You got the golden version of cult master.

Also I hit rank 4-5 with my very own shaman deck cause fuck other people telling me what deck to play.

non control warrior, zoolock, or midrange/face huntard deck

Some notes: I dont have every card available, so this is a fairly tentative deck, put together with what I have atm. If I had more cards I'd probably replace the ysera with al'akir.

It has a good win rate vs control warrior due to the 2 hexes, BGH, and lava burst. I typically save Lava Burst for baron gedden, Earth shock for cairne, BGH/hex work for Rag/Grom/alex. Also acidic ooze is in there for this reason, vs warriors. Might replace it with Harrison Ford if I get the chance, since I rarely find myself playing it on turn 2 anyway. Same with druid, can remove many of the big spawns easily.

It does well vs zoolock due to the taunts and earth elemental since they have to use 3-4 cards to get it killed. Huntards is a toss up, but generally face huntards beat it while mid-range huntard losses.

Also does well vs the emerging handzoo since it has good ways of dealing with both the large creatures and small creatures. I'm fairly casual so there are probably some improvements to be made to the deck, but generally it does well for me.

The deck has 2/3 main strats you can work with.

#1. Violet teacher/totem spam + Bloodlust = pretty self explainatory. Get the teachers out, fill up your board, bloodlust, G muthafuckin G. Typically want to use this vs hunters/zoolocks. (Careful against the huntards though due to UTH, I typically try to bait UTH with 2-3 minions on board.)

#2. Stall to late game = this is why Ysera is in the deck. This shaman deck is good at stalling games, so it needs a lategame threat. Hence the Ysera, who's arguably one of the best late-game legendaries. I will replace it with Al'Akir once I get him though, due to that windfury + charge + flametongue swag.

#3. Stall to force your opponent out of cards = this generally only happens vs. warriors for whatever reason, but most warriors are centered around drawing their massive creatures while geting rid of yours with shield slam/execute. However, you can easily remove their large creatures while they remove yours, but they tend to draw a lot more due to acolyte+whirlwind/taskmaster.. For this reason, I've had many games vs. control warrior end by forcing them out of cards. 25 armor means nothing when you're losing hp to fatigue and I still have 7 cards left.
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T0ribush: I could not get into two worlds even if my life depended on it.
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anyone here playing on EU servers?
[06:53]Sissykick: my friend was the hottest drag queen in the group.
i play on the EU servers, my tag is zeto#2503

also, i'm working on some new decks for the upcoming expansion
here is the first one i've published: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/67179...n-combo-priest

i'd love some comments and ratings on the website and/or here