Endurance Onslaught 3.0
you can just destroy them with the pyro combo

and thanks to biology project you can play SP on turn 3
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Where's iFred at?
i laugh the whole game while i play a meme rogue deck with double sap against magnetic palidans. Nice 20-30 you have, too bad I'm gonna sap it and then hit you for 10 damage or so with my spectral cutlass.

10/10 would laugh at rage quits again.

Otherwise i lose to p much every deck that isn't super greedy.
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24/07/2019. I'll find you again my friend.
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i still dont know what cards to craft have almost 6k dust saved up

Wait for the meta to settle, unless you wanna play around and not care about the meta.

I'm eyeing the Bomb Hunter, really seeing its potential. Seems fun enough.

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i dont really care about meta anymore im just looking for fun while not losing 99% of the time
I got both biology projects in my starting as going 2nd with the coin and also i drew nourish the next turn, i had like 8 mana on my 2nd turn lmao gotta love this game.
I can't comprehend how for 4 years straight zoolock is tier 1. Now it's even worse because to get anywhere in this meta you either go full agro or full control