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Welcome to my lil corner of the toribash art forums, i do take request and there will be a request form farther below, but for now how about you just browse around my examples.

Examples: (more will be added)

Forum Package: 5000 tc (gets you a avatar and signature)
Expanded Forum Package: 7500 tc (gets you Forum Package + Head Texture)
Basic Texture package: Coming Soon
Ultimate Texture Package: Coming Soon
OMG Package: Coming Soon

*NOTE: Once you buy ANYTHING from me it may not be resold, changed, or modified in anyway and NO REFUNDS, i am not responsible for a change of mind, got it , any 's, i didnt think so.

Request Form:

Disclaimer: * = extra tc to be payed, and you must send me a pic of you in a pose if you want me to add you in a avatar or signature

Package: ( what package you want )
Specific Details: ( if u dont give me specific details you will not be put on my waiting list until you do, and this ranges from colors/minor details/styles/etc. )
Comments: ( i want you to put criticism and comments here on what i have done so far (including examples) so i can get some constructive views on my work and see how i may improve )
Donations: ( All donators will recieve 20% off all new purchases )
Questions: ( Your a if you dont understand this one )

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Waiting List:
1. hhu80
2. Nathan

1. hhu80
2. Nathan

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Im donating 2.5k to ya because this is cool and i want to pay 5k for a signature
Package: Just a signature
Specific Details: just do you best to make it kinda look like my signature.
*Animated: if you can can you make it say my name then Hhu80's Texture shop under and to the right a bit.(all on the left and me on the right,can you make me laying on my side in like the playboy pose with my head toward the left.)
PM me for any examples. or any more details.
ok hhu and thanks for donating and btw when u say "make it kinda look like my signature" u mean the Gorillaz ? and i can make it animated yes,

Send me a pic of u in the pose u want also and then ill put it in there, and thank you ill start on it right now, and i added the pose thing into the disclaimer so there is no more confusion over it thanks
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Package: Forum Package
Specific Details: Freestyle the whole thing, just make it white and orange, the rest is up to you.
*Animated: No thanks.
Comments: CrazyGreek's was cool.
Donations: 3k donated.
Questions: ;0
hhu80, tell me what u want changed...i saw ur avvy was kind of multicolored clouds so i did a effect of clouds coming outwards with multi colors, so tell me what u want changed.

EDIT: heres V2:
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still waiting for the sig plz let me know whats going on

If i dont hear ward form you in the next 24 hours im going to request my money back.(almost 5 days is a but much for a request that should have only taken about a day at the max.
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Dude i want my 5k back you never completed my request and none of it looked good for god sakes i even had to do my own screen shot and cut him out.