hey Darker! ;-) welcome back!
ur welcome as always!

btw.. i cant put pyblus on clan best ( i know that he is really good) but he is the co-leader, and he can onlay be at one position!

so darker i guess ur the best ranked player right now..
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hey mobin here it is my split punsh! hope you like it sry for the other post // failed so hard :3

nice punch bro! keep on going
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Good to see you here darker you are very nice and we need nice people and whenever you can I wanna do some parkour with you again :3

Btw i've made a new replay,watch it please!
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Hey Mobin our little spar together yesterday
Mobin to our next clan vid ;)
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Bitches Love Cake
well actully it's just me and mobin that have talked about it but we need more tc for making it, so it wuld be awesome if you culd donate some to flipbank we need someone to edit it. so you can still fix replays and thing like that
Bitches Love Cake