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Parkour and Running!
Here are my parkour and running replay.....tell me if you want more or if I should go kill myself xD
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Parkour realstic.rpl (1.36 MB, 40 views)
Mocucha spar.rpl (886.0 KB, 27 views)
Spar lukad501.rpl (657.3 KB, 18 views)
Parkour Alexaki99.rpl (427.7 KB, 23 views)
Spar FiveAndFly.rpl (484.9 KB, 22 views)
Great replays but on the mocucha one, where he double kicks you, you was a bit stiff while in the air.

The one with lukad it started of good then when you started fighting I feel there was too much contact so early in the replay.

Both parkours, in my opinion, where great.

Finally the spar with FiveOnFly it look like he's new to sparring and/or you're his teacher.
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Thanks DJTurner and yeah I was teaching FiveOnFly on this replay but I have alot of parkour or spar like this.
Honestly the spar with me was when i was still pretty much horrible at sparring, i gotten a lot better if u wanna do another one
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