does this look real to yo guys? cuz I am trying to prove how easy it is to fake big falls...

Edit: Sry... read through topic and saw that this idea was already preformed.
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30k fall fake.rpl (39.1 KB, 15 views)
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Title of Record: Highest fall without dismember

Measurement of Record: 22000 Engage Height

Relevant Settings: DMT 100

Mods Used: Classic


I think it got it right this time. I cannot think of any reason right now why you guys haven't added this to the book of records.

It is a fake replay.
Bugged replay.
Edit it at the frame 4000 and press space until everyone hit the ground.....
Well... maybe that's because he's still adjusting joints after frame 4000?

Seriously, if you're going to call a replay fake, at least run it through enikesha first and replicate the moves.
I was moving joints right until the I hit the ground. In the original I contracted knees near the end. If you edit at frame 4000, I would'nt have contracted my knees

Enikesha is down. Try
The bad thing is that it's still pretty buggy.