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Another Opener Challenge #4

Whats up Classic opener challenge rules, download the replay attached at the bottom of this post, edit after the specified frame, and finish it as you please.

Previous edition (winners: Swexx in 1st and PoopMage69 in 2nd)

You must download and edit the replay attached.
You must only edit after at least 40 frames have passed after the beginning; so starting frame 460.
Hacking is allowed. You may turn on self damage, add frames or remove Uke for instance. In doubt ask in this thread.
You must submit 1 replay only, you can edit your post to update your submission until I close the thread on the deadline day.

Deadline is the 3rd of March, I will close this thread on the 4th.

1st: 75,000 Toricredits + 3 Shiai Tokens
2nd: 25,000 Toricredits + 2 Shiai Tokens

Tcs are on this dude


Me and Rfifan who has kindly offered to help.
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