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(Penta) Black Pentagram recruitment thread

Welcome to the Black Pentagram recruitment thread. In order to join just fill out an application, you may also need to be tested in game.
The app should be free form as we believe it is the best way to tell if somebody is serious about joining the clan. If you have been told you need to be tested then use the command /rf then /sa Penta
to see if there are any members online. ( We can't always find you!)

We try to respond to the app's as soon as possible so remember to keep checking the thread.

There are 3 rules so pay attention.
1. If you are accepted remember to post on the discussion thread. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
2. You must not post a shitty 1 line application. I will just deny your spam without a moment of hesitation.
3. If you are denied then you must wait a week before you can try to get in the clan again.
This means you should really think about your app before you post.

When you make your app, here are some things you might need to consider. Please do not copy and paste
word for word because it just shows a lack of care and effort.



Describe your activity on forum and ingame:

Will you be participating in events/wars:

Are you active and have an interest in games:

What other online games do you play:


Why have you decided to apply to Black pentagram:

We hope to see you soon
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low forum activity, HIGH TB activity after 5 pm ET
I am willing as long as it fits my schedule
Very much yes
Gmod, TF2, TD:AKT, KSP
i have decided to join because i like most of the clan members i have played with/against so far.
hes good ive been playin wit him and he has good personality
also he is ingame now
honestly if i was reqruiter i would let him in
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buttkick3 I will accept you to the clan as a trial member. Remember to post on the discussion thread as often as you can. This is very important if you want become a full member.

Ps. this is the fastest I have ever responded to a recruitment app
Dear Black Pentagram
My name is SilentWarH, In many games. I am nicknamed Silent often which i am cool with. When i talk a lot i am called to be quite "act like your name!"
I reply war is never silent, and they go all quite and i know deep down they liked what i said and i feel so bad ass for saying it

Well my first ever anime was naruto. I can remeber sitting in front of tv as a little boy watching it. I have moved on when i did not feel satisfied with the ending, what have they done to the war episodes! Well i am trying to watch one piece but as they have said the start is unbearable I need to get on the good bits soon.

In toribash i aim to be the best. Many black belts struggle to take me down sometimes and i remember one of penta suggesting me to join. Another called gamble or so, persuaded me to finally join. I think i have remarkable skills and would be good to put me in, i was merely a blue belt when i took over 20 black belts down. I train everyday and aim to be among the elites. I am often called funny and i am social. I think i would be a great asset. PLEASE PLEASE ACCEPT ME SENPAI!
Silent usually when you talk a lot, you tend to be annoying. And when you beat any belt thats higher than yours, you tend to be REALLY arrogant. Not to mention you were about to get banned by an item forger. I know this because i played a lot with you on pub servers. And the funny thing is YOU CUSS AT PEOPLE WHEN YOU GET DEFEATED. Not recommended to be in a clan at all, SilentWar.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, well iPrime's comment on your
application is making me consider if I should invite you. I would like to play with you in game
and talk to you, I will invite you to the clan for now as
a trial member. Remember to post on the discussion thread.

Ps. I like the start of one piece, you get to see people who aren't that strong
become the strongest in the world. So I recommend watching the start, One
piece is my favourite anime atm. Or punchline idk. Naruto was my first anime
too, I started watching around the time it came out.
Really good but pretty boring right now. I'm 50 episodes or so behind now lol.
Name/Username: MoldyRobot
Age: 17
Country: USA


Describe your activity on forum and ingame: 10/10 for both

Will you be participating in events/wars: Yes.

Are you active and have an interest in games: Yes for both.

What other online games do you play: DuelingNetwork


Why have you decided to apply to Black pentagram: I see you guys around a lot and you seem like a fun group of people, plus my outfit goes with the whole "dark" theme.