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Toribash Cases/Crates
So I was looking at the Toribash Jackpot thread idea and I noticed a post recommending crates/cases. Much like in csgo you can acquire cases and open them with keys for a chance to get a rare weapon skin or knife.

So anyways I saw this post by Swaves recommending it and I'm taking it upon myself to make this thread for it. So how this will work you may ask? Players will acquire crates as items through tourneys, market, buying them from shop with either tc or real money, etc. There will be a certain amount of different crates that you must have a certain amount of qi to open. The higher the amount of qi needed to open the crate, the better items in them.

Orders: The cases could be organized like White-Blue, Brown-2nd dan, 3rd-5th, 6th-7th, 8th-9th, 10th-custom, master+. Cases can also be classified as certain item type cases. Example: Platinum Blood Case (8th-9th dan). Also say you are a 6th dan black belt but you don't feel risky, then you can purchase a case on any lower tier as long as you have enough qi to do so (which you obviously do). I also recommend including an ultra rare item in each case such as a 3D item or an expensive no qi item. Note: These are just ideas in a recommendation. These are able to be altered, like everything else here.

Payment: Player will be able to purchase these from the shop for in-game currency, shiai tokens, or real money. They may also be sold and purchased from the market, so incase you are not feeling lucky or do not have the funds to open it, you can sell them for tc until you have enough to or just keep the tc and buy the exact item you want without taking any risks. Cases and opening prices will increase in price as the items in the crates increase in value.

Tourneys and GMTourneys: Since the cases will be items, sending them shouldn't be an issue. You win a tourney that is qi restricted to your belt and the game or GM's send the cases to you. I know what you're thinking, what about alts? Well my friend, the player will have to pay money (in-game or real) to open the cases so going into lower belt case tourneys would be illogical for they would surely not want to deal with shittier cases than that of the cases they could have gotten when playing on their main.

Opening Crates/Cases: Here's the part that it all comes down to. Opening crates will cost a certain amount of tc, shiai tokens, or irl currency. As stated before, the price of opening a case will increase with the rarity and price of the item contained inside. Much like csgo, the slider will glide along a long strip of items with the more expensive items being more rare to get.

Post Opening: Once the case has been opened and the player has received the item that they earned, they may do whatever they please with it as it is an ordinary item.

Tell me what you guys think about this idea. Any advice or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Shout out to Swaves for coming up with this brilliant idea.

Concept art? But of course. ;)

Oh I forgot to mention the effects it may have on other features of toribash. Silly me. This may cause an increase in people that purchase qi, so that they can unlock better crates, It will increase marketing, help rid players of spare shiai tokens that they do not want to use, More circulation of items*, and another use of shiai tokens besides buying 3D items.

*Just gave myself an idea, if you have alot of a certain tier of items you can trade up, similar to csgo's trade up system. You will be able to take say 10 tier 4 items and trade them up to a tier 5, 6, or even better tier item. If you guys support the trade up idea along with the cases idea, say pineapple along with your recommendation.
The trade up idea will reduce the number of low tier items that seem to be everywhere.
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Originally Posted by Gum View Post

This idea might work for a short time, but I dont see it lasting for long at all. Look at things like the old toribash lottery for example. It was great for the short time it lasted, then people lost interest.

CS and toribash are totally different games. Saying that we can just go back to CS just because it has an extra feature isn't a valid argument.
And what's wrong with having lasting for a while? Not many economy related things (lottery like you said) lasted long anyways, new features will be added after.
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Couple ideas:

for color items, there could be tiered crates. These would go up in QI and cost from beginner to elite, lets say 100 tc for a beginner crate and so on. If the prices were set nicely in the middle of the cost of each tier's items, it would be a nice gamble that wasn't too excessive.

Secondary ideas for the above:

  • Pricing: Pricing should be, as I said above, placed somewhere along the average for a tier's important items (i.e. not letting cheap crap like gradients influence the "average"). This means that some items would be a bit more expensive than shop price, and some a bit cheaper. Averaging them to the torishop price makes things easier, cine the market always changes. cost could also be modified to be a bit lower, since nothing on the market tends to be anywhere near shop prices afaik.
  • Guaranteed joints: Crates don't have to be one item per opening. It would most likely be possible to have every crate give the opener a guarantee to have a joint, lax or force, of the crates tier and some secondary item. This would make it so you wouldn't spend tons of money on any tier of crate and get just a gradient
  • Etc...: It doesn't have to be just colors either. there could be a chance of getting texture items or other misc stuff as well, with higher chances per higher tiers of crates and probably no chance for the lowest crates (so you don't open 123456 low tier crates and get all the textures ever).
  • Tier bump: Crates could have a rare chance to include items of a higher tier, so there's an even better incentive to open them, and a reason to gamble beyond a slightly "cheaper" (shop value-wise) item from the top of a certain tier. This would even allow you to rarely obtain items you couldn't normally obtain due to qi.

My second idea is in response to gums complaint about unique items in other games' "crates". This could be done with 3d items. It wouldn't be too out of the question for me alone to make a metric ton of unique items or reskins of current items, it would mainly fall to the design of the devs responsible for crates if they were to ever be implemented. It could be simple, less unique things like headphones of a different tb color, to different patterns and other designs that could either be one of a kind entirely or involve a bit of randomization so each one is technically unique. I would love to see something like that implemented, even if I had to sit behind my computer and model/reskin all day long

For all of the above... keys gtfo. I hate keys so much, they should stay in tf2 and csgo where crates drop randomly. I wouldn't want to buy a crate and pay to open it as well. This would make crates consistent with packs, wherein you dont need anything to open them but when you DO open them they lose their special characteristics.

Buy cases with Tc and open with Shiai = good Idea.
Buy it with Tc and open it with tc = bad idea.

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Back at it again
Gum made a point that I thought of when I saw this thread too.

Originally Posted by Gum View Post
Every game Ive played where there are "lockboxes" or "cases" only works when the item has a chance to be different or rare compared to normally available items. Your idea just puts more of the same items out there with a "random" element of what it might be.

Unless the items in the crates are items that aren't available normally, then there really isn't any point to this. People will just buy the items that they want, instead of buying x amount of crates and keys until they finally get it. It makes zero sense to have crates contain items that are already available. If you really wanted to make this idea work, you'd have to mix unavailable super-rare/expensive items into the crates. In my opinion, it seems like a lot of work for something that people might use for a little bit and then forget about.

Oh, and Bercat, calm your farm and learn to not take attacks against your ideas as a personal assault.

edit: It's not like anything in the Suggestions board ever gets implemented into the game anyways....
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Deridor's post

Great ideas man! Maybe we could just rid of keys, you're right. Just pay for the case once and be done with it, then open it for free.

Matharu's post

Players will be able to purchase the case with whatever currency they want and open them with whatever currency they want. So buy cases with tc and open with shiai is your prerogative. Thanks for supporting!

P.s. It's possible that paying to open the cases might not happen at all and paying for cases could be a one time payment, then you can just open it for free.

Ele's post

In response to the rare items crisis.

Deridor's solution

Not only will player get new rare 3D items but they will be different colors! Imagine having Pure Shutter Shades! Or Void Headphones! Anything!

Why I flipped the shit. I apologize.

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please stop flaming each other on this thread or I'll have to close it.

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Only warning on that.


Originally Posted by Ele View Post

edit: It's not like anything in the Suggestions board ever gets implemented into the game anyways....

You'd be surprised.

Don't worry, when it comes to adding new things, hampa can be described as glacial.
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Originally Posted by Cheshyre View Post
You'd be surprised.

Don't worry, when it comes to adding new things, hampa can be described as glacial.

I feel like this is going to happen now, and I'm scared. Hold me close, humpu!
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