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Super Tori Bros!

It has come to my attention that i have never seen a mario level in toribash, even though it is entirely possible to make one. so with great honour do i present to you my WIP of

Super Tori Bro's!

Here is a Mario themed parkour level, made to be played just like a real Mario level!

More screenshots!

Features include
-Hollow tubes, for Teleportation hacking
-Larger jumps, just like in the Mario levels! but not so large they can't be crossed ;)
-An end goal, as all proper parkours should have

This mod is meant to be hacked!
The jumps are large for a reason. Mario jumps insanely high distances, so why shouldn't you? Go wild! Teleport all around!
I've also made all jumps able to be made without the use of hacking, so this mod can be played without the use of hacks.

What Next?
For my next wip, I wish to include moving platforms, the piranha plant for some more fun, and more obstacles. Maybe even a Goomba or two, if i am able to get the mechanics behind it.

Any and all cnc is appreciated, as i want to get this right the first time around. Any suggestions you have, please post them! I'd love to hear about them Enjoy this wip, and i hope to complete this soon!
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Holy shit bro, honestly this is amazing. Some recommendations listed below.
So first off I would make some slanted and or slidey platforms. I think it would add nicely to the platformer feel you are going for. I think you have one slidey piece already so nevermind that. But I would definitely add like a slanted platform where you have to jump from an angle. Maybe not in this version because I understand you don't want to go in deleting full platforms and shit but possibly for another version.
Also, something very very little that takes some time but trust me will spice it up. Make that brown on the plats a little more bright. It will match up more with the actual Mario game.
Another really cool thing could be something like this.
So I see you have some random floating pipes and what not. I was thinking somehow you can make a secondary passageway that goes all the way up to those floaters. Or maybe even lower the floating plats so it doesn't take as long to get up there when there is a pathway up. Also, when making this, make the green pipes so you can fall through to the lower platforms. I think this would be an awesome ass feature to this already amazing course.
That's all for my cnc.
Check out this replay I made in like 5 mins on this map. Its awesome. (the map that is...)
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thanks lost! i love some of these suggestions. i will definitely add some slanted platforms, i think thats a great idea. the pipes idea is a fantastic idea too! maybe in level 1-2? ;)

i probably won't change colour paletes, as i chose this one for a more modern, toribash-ized version of mario. if enough people mention it though, i'll change it for sure keep up that replay, i'd love to see how you take the course!
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Interesting concept, I think I've seen a mod like this some time before but that was many years ago and it was not this elaborate

It doesn't really give me the nostalgic Mario feeling. The colors are very very dark and I think you should definitely change them. Instant Eyedropper is an incredibly simple and small program that can help you identify RGB and Hex colors, very useful for all type or artistry.

Doesn't look like a ton of fun to play, it feels very empty. Hope to see some new cool mechanics and perhaps even smaller dimensions. Keep it up
hmm, i've gotten a couple comments about my colour scheme, so i'll lighten it up a bit. you say it doesn't give you the nostalgic mario feeling, can you elaborate on that? what would give you that nostalgic feeling?

i'll be trying to add moving objects as time goes on, but right now i'm very inexperienced with nonstatics. i'm also hoping on adding more levels once this level is done. once this level is properly done, i hope to have enough skill to be able to do so.
hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
I was thinking mostly about the colors but also the dimensions I guess. The colors fit none of the Mario games I've played and some of the props are out of size, the pipes are too big for example. The level design doesn't feel right either.

Would be cool to have the mod made in boxes as all the 2D Mario games, it would be very easy to work with and feel more iconic. Tori is about 2.8 Units high so one box would be 1.4x1.4 Units. Maybe even go so far as to find and copy a real level from the original Super Mario Bros.
I love the concept !

Jisse already said what I think about the mod itself.

I would like a version 2 with better size (adapted to toris), more floating boxes sides by sides (like in mario), adding more life like ennemies and moving plateforms sounds really nice Why not make ennemies bumping when you are jumping on them ?

Nice first test really

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