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Basic Market and Item FAQ

Hello, in this thread you will find the explanation about how Torishop, Market, Items, Textures and Flames works in the game.

What are items?
  • Items are the cosmetics that change your character and your peripherals in the game. They are classified into 4 categories:
Color Items:
  • They are the items that change the color of your tori . The color items are: Force, Relax, Blood, Torso, Primary and Secundary Gradients, Ghost, Hair, Grip, Timer, User Text, Emote, DQ, Left and Right Hand Montion Tail, Left and Right Leg Montion Tail, Glow.
3D Items:
  • They are 3D models that are worn as accessories for your tori. A few of them are retexturizable/upgradeable.
  • They are head accessories. All of them are recolorable, to recolor them you must use the items called "hair color".
  • They are items that only stay in your inventory, they cannot be activated.
What are Textures?
  • Textures are a flat image wrapped to a 3D objects, they give 'texture' to the object to make it look more detailed than it really is. To use textures, you need first the texture item for the object you want to texture.
  • There are 6 types of item textures in 3 different qualities: Body Textures, Joint Textures, Trail Textures, DQ Textures, Ground Textures and Trail Textures.
  • Body, Joint and Ground textures exist in 128x 256x and 512x formats. Trails, Flame Particle Textuire and DQ(disqualification) textures exist in 128x format only.
How to get items?
  • Items can be purchased through the Market, Torishop, Items board or you can earn them through events.
What is Torishop and Market?
  • Torishop is the official marketplace provided by the game. The items provided in the shop has a fixed price, you can find there all items that are in stock.
  • Market is the shop the community created, where you can find different items for different prices (usually below the torishop price). Not all items available in the market are available in Torishop (vice-versa).
What currency do you need use to buy items?
  • They can be purchased using Toricredits or Shiai Tokens.
  • Toricredits is the game currency which you can acquire through various methods such as Events, Re-Selling items, Winning in game on official servers. You can also buy TC from the Official Shop or from Verified TC Sellers.
  • Shiai Tokens are special coins that can be acquired through reward login, events or you can buy them through the Shop. STs are non-transferable.
How do you use an item once you have bought it?
How to buy/get flames?
  • You can buy pre-made ones on the Flames Board.
  • You can also find them on the market.
  • You can forge them yourself in-game by pressing Ctrl + L. Here is a guide of how to forge your own flame
  • A flame can have various effects depending on the way the forger manipulates it, but it it always centered around a chosen joint.
  • You can also use a Flame Particle Texture, you can find the guide here
How to use Market Board.
  • Before anything, read the Market Rules, and this.
  • If you want to sell something, post a sales thread, or auction thread, these work pretty much like they do in real life. If you want to buy something, check the sales threads or auction threads.
  • There are also request board where you can request artwork.
  • You can also buy textures on this board (Please make sure to read Market Rules before buying/posting anything)
Are items available without QI restrictions?
  • Yes, you can use STs to buy items without QI restriction from the Torishop.
  • You can buy items without QI restriction using TC + ST from players who have the market premium.
  • You can also buy "Packs" from the Torishop or Market, they bypass any QI restriction as long as they are not unpacked. They are usually expensive.
  • The term "No-QI" items means that a Torishop admin will send the item because they have the ability to bypass the QI restriction. QI always stays the same on the item. Never changes. Meaning, Once the item is placed into your account the QI restrictions are applied again. You cannot send it to anyone else without having the necessary QI.
This item is out of stock, what do i do?
  • Items go out of stock when people buy lots of them, because people have bought lots of them there are plenty in the market, so go to the market to find it there.
You can find some more informations regarding the new marketplace system here.
You can find more information about market here.