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Toribash 5.60 alpha - iOS

This thread is primarily targeted at gaining feedback on the iOS version of Toribash.
Sign up for testing:

Information for testers:

Build 230320 changelog:

  • If you encounter any crashes, please make sure to submit a report when prompted by your device.
  • For any other issues you can either submit feedback from TestFlight app or post it here.
  • Tap joints to change their state, long press to trigger joint state selection wheel
  • Some hud buttons (e.g. Ready) show additional controls on long press
  • Move camera by moving finger around, pinch to zoom in or out
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New build now available, changes inside:
  • Fixed bug with Quests not loading after yesterday's update
  • Fixed bug with auto focus on player head instead of chest with bodypart camera focus enabled
  • Fixed bug with "Start new game" checkbox not working in Gamerules
  • Fixed bug with friends list refresh duplicating some of the results
  • Updated friends list visuals to match modern UI

Also yesterday's build changes:
  • Shader editor will now stay on top of other UI when active
  • Claimed BP quests now show up last in the list
  • Completed global quests are now sorted by quest requirements
  • Fixed crash on single line text fields on long input
  • Fixed bug with patterned texture rendering
  • Fixed bug with Battle Pass rewards having wrong offset in reward claim window
  • Fixed bug with broadcasts notifications not showing up
  • Fixed bug with long input in multiline text fields not being wrapped correctly
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Signups for the second testing round are open:
If you already have access, you don't need to sign up again

Aaaah I missed it!
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Deleting replays and replay folders doesn’t seem to work
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Just a comment - I find myself using shaders and atmospheres on the mobile version much more than I did on the pc version. It’d be cool if there could be a way to import atmos on mobile because the current selection is limited.
Sometimes in a multiplayer match I will try to orbit/rotate the view by tap dragging the empty margin but instead the selection will somehow get stuck on a joint and open the state wheel instead of orbiting. This repeats every time I try to tap the margin until I purposely tap a joint and then it goes back to normal.
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If you have a long chat thread in multiplayer and you expand the chat the scroll jumps up instead of staying at the bottom
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New build (230522) is now available. No iOS specific updates in this one, just getting it synced with current desktop builds.

Also a reminder that if you encounter bugs - especially game breaking ones - and decide to abuse them instead of reporting, you’ll just get your access revoked (hi skizz).
So I’m finding some larger mods that have a lot of objects are not loading on iOS after downloading with /dl (mod.tbm).

Specifically I have several “gym”mods that I made to train mma in single player and they will not load. See screenshot below
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New build now available, mostly identical to today's Steam build + some mobile version specific bug fixes:

  • New Mods directory with a better structure and new mods
  • Mods browser will now open last viewed folder after being minimized
  • Added oldschooler status display in Queue list
  • Added "Texture compression" option in Graphics settings
  • Fixed bug with "Start new game" toggle always being unchecked after game restart in Gamerules
  • Fixed bug with scrollable lists' last position not being updated when using drag-to-scroll
  • Fixed bug with player position and numplayers values not always resetting properly when loading a new mod
  • Fixed bug with game title custom texture not being displayed
  • Fixed bug with downloaded mods not loading properly with /lm command or when in multiplayer
  • Fixed crash when attempting to activate items when in Multiplayer