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How do I maneuver better? I lose my balance always in relax.
I don't want to use stiffness.*

Hey, well, I am very clumsy in playing.
I lose balance so often I don't even take a step and I can't save myself.
Once someone lifts me in the air (now, before I was much better, even took down a black belt in the air.) and I lose.
Any way to get better control over your tori?
it's harder to use relax when you're getting lifted, makes it harder for me imo, add me on discord

grapefruit minded#5761

i'll show u some things i guess
do you understand the concepts of a lift battle? from begining middle to end?
some general lift things. if you see the lift try to remove their base leg/s by hooking a leg around their leg. if you do the lift will probably be stopped by they can still turn it into a throw using your leg as the fulcrum point. if you have lost the battle and are in the air. resist the urge to extend the hips and throw your legs back. this will bring you closer to the edge in the small dojo. leg your legs hang you want them pointing towards the ground. ready to land.
lost the battle? screwed up the legs? turn the wheel to try and sit your weight as close to theirs as you can. legs spread to give you a wider base top land on. but not too far open you don't want to be thought of as a slut and have your toe go out of the ring. turning the wheel means to swap your shoulders so one is raising the other is lowering. to turn into your opponent and aply pressure contract the pec of lowered arm and extend the raised arms pec. play around with it in single player and if you still don't get it i'll figure out another way to explain it. or find someone better at explaining.

how are you at landing? if you have trouble landing on your feet try playing some wushi. it will teach you set ups for comebacks.
in regards to getting used to your tori. try playing against your self in the ufcoctogon mod. set it to 10 frames per turn. no dm no frac. dq with a 30frame pin. then alternate between the two. . if you want want to use both use the opener or the random script. this will teach you offence and defence simultaniously if controlling both. the shorter turn frames will give you more control of your tori. you can do 5 frames if your really into it. but that gets a bit grindy. the 30 frame dq is to encourage good heavy top positions and gives you a bit of breathing room while learning the concepts.
have a look at real world moves and see why they work.take a set of moves like throws and burn them down to the individual components. find what components over lap with other moves. once you understand the components for moves you can make your own or combine them. if you have more specific questions let me know.

in the replay i use two hooks to counter potential lifts. with the lifts/suplexes stablized against. the first is a toe hook that changes into a leg hook.
i only really have to worry about the throws.
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That’s quite a bit of info to take in as a beginner. i’d say start small, and don’t be afraid to experiment (even if you lose). Start by learning how to counter lifts in some more basic ways, the rest will come naturally as long as you don’t stop experimenting.

For now, perhaps focus on using your pecs, elbows and wrists to counter lifts. Extending pecs and contracting elbows and wrists brings you closer to them, denying the lift somewhat. Bare in mind this is a somewhat nooby way to counter a lift, but good to learn with.

If you need any help shoot me a pm.
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okay, so when i was starting to play with relax all I basically had to learn how to balance the hard way (as most people do) and just practice it but, I will say it does help to keep your legs spread apart a little so you have a wider base.

and onto lifts, the way I mostly counter lifts is extended pecs, raised shoulders, extended elbows, and contracted wrists, but sometimes you need or can do other stuff such as lowering sholders (one of the most basic lift blocks that doesn't work to often) or doing the first one how hikou said it (and a few others but lets not get into them) I just basically try to shoot myself down and towards my opponent, but with anything the best way to learn is to experiment and practice what you learn.

that's all I have to say for now if you want any extra help find me in game sometimes and ill try to help you out!

I'm Event Squad! have any questions or want to send me an application PM me.

let me speak to your manager
In reguards to the balance problem. stand like a tori. now lean to one side till you naturally step out to catch your self. You can use this as a reference as to how far apart your legs should be. Another option is to extend one glute and more or less ignore the leg joints for a turn or two focusing on using your grip on your opponent to help you balance because team work is how you get things done in this game.
When taking steps if they are small ones you can try relaxing a knee as you take your step. this will help it not push you backwards off your toe. if its a large lunge type step contract your abs to help ensure your knee doesn't hit the ground either during the step if its coming from behind you or leaning on your knee after the step.
Do you know how to tripod?
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