that punch at the beginning was great, the spin made it look pretty strong, but i think you could've gotten that split without moving uke, change the angle and stuff some frames back etc
not my best work but it's my best manip for sure
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the opener and the initial lift i'm a fan of, i really like the way you spun into the lift, it was really nice and smooth.

i get what you're trying to go for by doing part 350-320, but i wish you could've gone for a better setup maybe? the way you just broke the flow you had in the beginning just turns me off entirely, but the pay off was definitely worth what it costed in my opinion, the kick was really goddamn cool, and it had a nice amount of power to set uke spinning.

dismemberments were nice, but the first kick was kinda meh.

this was cool.

I don't really have anything substantial to say, its a solid replay overall.

maybe you could've tried something else other than your setup at 485, but then again you used the launch really well, but the time it took for you to get into the setup is a bit too long in my opinion, the split kick was nice nothing much to say about that, the kick at 302 was a bit ehhh, it was not that clean and i think you could've gotten a better grab, the spin to the decap was sturdy, and again you it took quite a while of you doing nothing just to get into a spin setup.

again solid replay, im just happy that more and more replaymakers are coming back to life.

made this a little while ago using an opener manlypotato made

its basically a dm fest not much more
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