it looks like you're struggling to do what you want to do on -30, consider changing the gravity to something lighter for a while to see if you have better luck executing what it is you want to do, namely the torso manip that the gravity prevented you from setting up

edit: i just checked a couple other replays and you also look very floaty and troubled on default gravity as well, consider changing to -15 or -20 to get the feel of a lighter, but less punishing gravity

i guess other general advice i can offer is to watch for sections of the replay where your tori isn't doing anything (see: frame 420 - 385), the position you get into is undoubtedly powerful and comfortable to use, but transitioning into this position could really use some work. i sound like an ignorant tricker here, but paying attention to your lumber really does help when using movement in this way to spin and set up attacks, keeping it in the middle or at least bending to the opposite direction of travel will allow you to spin a lot more smoothly

you should also be careful with getting too close to uke, like frame 330 where you had to settle with a very shallow hip dm rather than something more impactful, but it does admittedly set up a nice punch

on the subject of the punch, you should always consider what you want to do next when executing something. after the punch i see your tori having used up all momentum and ended up in a very difficult position, forcing you to go for the torso manip

i wont go into detail on the manip part of the replay because im sure you can already gather my stance on that section of the replay
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I mean, I like it a lot.
The flow was alright, the dms were kinda fast, there was only a bit of pauses but I don't mind those.
The manip of the torso was pretty alright, you hit your head.

could use some work but overall :thumbs_up:
why do I even try anymore lmao
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