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worst Toribash player
wops I forgot this was a thing, I'll edit this post with my vote either later today or tomorrow


Originally Posted by FirstNinja View Post
1st - tricking (cheat 900-->raiz-->cork)

2nd - tricking (front flip-->raiz-->cork)
3rd - tricking (front flip-->raiz-->hyper cork-->cheat 900)

Sorry for no destruction of the uke, because I didn't much like it

well I dont have the mod for your second replay, so feel free to post that.
the first and 3rd replay were really similar and while watching them I couldnt help but feel that I've seen those replays before, which is obviously a bad thing.
your execution seems to be alright (apart from the first few step in the third replay).
you should really consider doing more interesting stuff, It doesnt even have to be actual tricks, as long as it's well done and interesting to watch. raizes and corks are super standard and certainly doesnt have enough "wow factor" to get you into ormo for now.

when it comes to you eviltorified and reptile, I was going to attempt to review your applications but after watching the replays I honestly dont feel qualified enough to do so unless you wish to wish to apply with types of replays im more familiar with, apologies
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For the last week or so I've avoided posting here because I don't deem myself fit to review for obvious reasons, but in the meantime I've learned that we have almost no recruiters. I'll review all the apps that aren't sparring or tricking or parkour. Sorry for the wait and that it's just me, I'm sure everyone isn't tired of my opinion.

FirstNinja, EvilTorified, Reptile: I know little of sparring and tricking, so I will not review your apps; sorry for the huge wait. I'll look into getting some recruiters. EvilTorified, if you wish you can post a whole new app, the guy who reviewed you was not a real recruiter. If not we'll just look at the original replays.

Rice Hi again, I remember your app from 2017

nutmeg trip: My favourite aspects were how clean the manipulation was and the pose, those are really good. It's clear you went through some trouble and meticulous editing to elongate the manip and keep it clean, and although I know such a technical feat is not easy your movement suffered in spots that could have been ironed out. There's a bunch of "fixes" that were seemingly applied last minute thanks to less than optimal set up, such as a bunch of contracting your knee and quickly extending it for a boost (examples: between 980 and 950 your right knee relaxes twice and extends once, and your left knee contracts and extends in a very small period of time to push uke; right knee extending at 635). Your arms suffer from this more, with a lot of sudden contracting and extending which could have been smoothed out with relax and hold and some antecipation. If you realise you need to prepare your leg for a kick or your arm for a push a couple frames before you need to do it, you should go back and edit earlier so that you have time and comfort to do it without rush.

The way you use Uke's wrist for leverage in the first boom is pretty, even though the aiming on the kick is not so great. The transition to the next hit is quite lackluster, even though you got a respectable amount of dms from a kick so close to Uke. The third hit was the least interesting one, easy generic set up and little payoff. To be fair, I was surprised that the skeetcap was legit, and like I mentioned already I like the pose a lot even though it's got statue syndrome.

The sort of rice you can't eat: Ignoring the fact that this replay is almost the same as the first one, the movement is, for the most part, better. The focus on inertia and launching yourself benefits the replay much more than the scientific editing of the first one. It still has some stuff I can nitpick though (left knee at 1154, right elbow contracted in a hurry at 800, left knee at 795, left knee at 660).

The crotch boom was satisfying thanks to your continuous rotating motion. The way you handle the transition to the next hit is better here, throwing the torso up and giving yourself a much more favourable position. It pays off with a nicely timed launch into kick. This skeetcap was in my opinion not as worthwhile as the one in the first replay, because you used your arm and took longer to throw it. It wasn't particularly impressive in any other way, making it just another skeetcap.

2shots2kill: The manip is reminiscent of the first replay in a negative way, lots of doing whatever it takes to keep Uke airborne. The splitcap is sweet but in my opinion the skeets are ruined by the fact that the dms were caused by the hand moving into the grab circle (plus you cheated by moving Uke's shoulder).

My vote is a no, but I'll say that most apps I review usually fall in the "you have the skills but didn't do anything interesting or difficult enough" category, while this app shows a lot of amibition with very long manips and a lot of skeet dms. My advice is spend a little more time making your movements transition from and into eachother inconspicuously, try to antecipate what you'll do a few frames later and prepare for it properly. I would also say don't stick so much to this manip-boom-boom-skeet formula, try other stuff.


Two parkour replays means I'm not fit to review your app, I'll leave my thought on just the first replay and someone else will look at your app.

Ryuketsu No Gaun: I can't tell if the way you tweak your arms in such a robotic way is intentional or not. You use hold a lot in strange places, I liked it when you were spinning on your left hand at 250 but at the same time having your right arm completely stiff is jarring (I know it was relaxed but it looks held unless you look very closely). The step off of Uke and final spin before the decap were sweet, but the nopose soured it a bit for me.


Shadows Play Silently: The only thing I could think after watching is why would you submit such a tame replay. Dms are fine, movement is fine, everything is fine.. which is awful for me because I have nothing to say about this.

smoother than your mother: The manip is very frantic but not enough to hide your arm spasms and head getting punched, I believe the best option would be stronger pushes so that you're not constantly underneath Uke, in this replay you barely have any space and time to prepare for each push. I like the idea of standing on your arms and doing most of the work with your legs but it looks like you struggled too much. Again, the dms were completely regular, although the raised dm threshold does make it slightly more impressive. The transition to the last kick and pose were pretty good.

ultra rapid: I like this short manip more simply because the awkward positions and movements look intentional, don't have tonnes of tweaking and the pushing is a lot less pecky. I think the crotch boom is straight up bad, your chest hasn't even started rotating when you get the hit in. If the idea was to save some potential rotation for the next kick, it's a strange idea and I don't believe it paid off because the hook kick was underwhelming either way. The way you extend the same knee right after the hook kick ends and spin around for a grab is essentially admitting that you have put yourself in an airborne position where you can't do anything in the middle of the replay, which is somewhat of a nitpick but still something to consider.

I'm surprised by this app, I thought it would be a yes before going into it. It reminded me of your 2017 app which is not an amazing thing, your manips are still unmethodical and you're doing movements that are mechanically troublesome and put you in bad positions. I like weirdness but a lot of the stuff you're doing is working against what you're trying to do, which is difficult to justify. Therefore my vote is a no again. I would really like to see your wackness meet higher standards and become something very fun and unique.
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Originally Posted by pusga View Post
Shadows Play Silently: The only thing I could think after watching is why would you submit such a tame replay.

not going to lie, that made me laugh so much.
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oh yeah
rip the ormo it seems, but within the drought ive decided to apply. i wish i could say i landed the fat cork rfifan but i cba.
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