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LWafflez's Sparring Thread
Trying to get better at sparring.

First spar in a while. I need to work on speed I think.

E:Also looking for some sparring buddies.
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Hmm , it's not only speed. Try working on your running style (Improvise) your running is a little bit stiff.
And I would like to be your sparring buddy , example of my sparring skills
<Marco> and then Oblivion tried to sexually assault me
<Oblivion> and Marco wasn't surprised at all
I like the sparring, it could only be more fast, as you said.
I'm also interested in sparrings and would like to be your sparring buddy. The only thing is, that I'm not very active, so I don't have the time to spar every day ^^.
i think that your sparring partner didnt looked much realistic....
you did well but i'd like to see more acrobatcis there just like TengoMan is doing alot of jump spin kicks ;)
4/10 for your opponent
8/10 for you ...
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<iRookie>This clan got a lot of epic members, such as missuse and Aj, Pulse and Kaszanas, and I want to be part of them.