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Ayvor's Spars
First spar had to be ended at 500 frames

So I added a little ending at the end.
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First spar.rpl (273.3 KB, 14 views)
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Your run at start was pretty good and got you in pretty good and balanced postion but your punch lacked the power (though I guess it can be explained by the bit odd angle you're opponent was coming and the hard blow that you just got in the head). You didn't build up any momentum for the kick you did after the punch, and because of that it came out pretty weak and slow and ended up pushing you back because you stance was lacking.
I see you started building up momentum for the next kick but you ended up looking a bit twitchy while you were looking for a good position to build it up. When you got to kicking part you shifted your weight back too much and lost your balance and tried to cover it up with that bit stiff looking flip.
That kick you had edited for floop looked pretty good but that jump flip thingy that followed looked just weird. The kick that followed that weird flip wasn't too bad and kinda fitted Floop's style of fighting and the landing after that was good though i would have wished that you ended it with pose.