Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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i forgot to add you but i will do you play on NA East?

I'm on NA yea, don't think there is a difference between NA east and NA west
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i added you im pea.boy

would be cocacobra but my account got hacked and they changed my name and another person they hacked is now cocacobra and ubisoft says they cant change names... even if both people are victims of hacking...........................
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like a lighter bitch we ignit
Pc normally around g1. Was pretty close to plat before I joined a salt squad and got demoted. its RAWWRH on ubi if you want to add me.
am fluctuating between gold 2 and silver 4 depending on who of my mates I play with at the day X)

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just hit plat 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
add me reta im pea.boy also rawr i guess you can add me too i will allow it
i created the ??? emoji
like a lighter bitch we ignit
oh this thread exists
im level 169 on PS4 and hover around Gold IV and Gold II, if i play Ranked.

They broke my boy Monty and now I can't play him to the best potential. im sad
level 142 on pc
which one is good for anti flank? Nomad or Gridlock?
Also, add me Fraux.-
oh yea
i always solo rank
stuck at silver 3 to 2
sometime i get dumb teammates xd
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