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Ghost dismemberment
I think the ghost should dismember like this:

Maybe if you are at least 1 frame away from a split ? You wouldn't really know if it would split the opponent.

But if you had a dismembering ghost, then it would be much easier to know if it will dismember the opponent.

Do you like my idea ?
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You shouldn't be able to see possible DMs, to yourself and to others. It's more fun to figure out if the force is enough to do so and keeps it fair. I don't support this: it would be beneficial only for SP.
Decapitating Ghosts
I have an idea, They should make it so that whenever you do a move, the ghost shows if you get decapitated or not.
Takes all the skill and fun out of replay making. There's no point doing something if you know whether it'll dismember the joint. For that entire reason:
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This has been brought up in the past. I think it wasn't added to keep it bit more rewarding and satisfying when you do manage to dismember something. Without knowing when something is going to be dismembered, it also makes the combat a bit more of a challenge. The idea didn't seem to get very far.

As for single player replay editing, I think one of the goals is rewinding and fast-forwarding. Which would be much more convenient for perfecting a move.
This would be useful in SP, but in MP it would be pretty hard to compensate for the fact that the other guy can see the ghost too.

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I'm thinking when you kick/punch or something then in your ghost you can see does the uke's body/hand/leg/head gonna dm but in multi player you can't see the dismember only in Free play.
Sorry, I think I understand what you're saying...but you just broke english.
So like, in your ghost, if you're punching you could see the dismember going to happen if it is powerful enough?
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The Dismembering ghost would tell to much. Its nice not knowing if you will dm or not so its unexpected. If they expected it, they could do something about it.

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