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Hairstyle ideas!
Hey, I'm here to submit a couple of hairstyle ideas. If you like the concept, give me a rating or good reply! I mainly want a Friendly Mutton Chops facial hairstyle like the one sported by Lemmy of Motorhead.

I really think it'd look cool on a Tori with some of these hairstyles, possibly a decent long hair style in the future. We need more facial hairstyles and mustaches.

But then I thought of another possibly good idea. An afro, and similar to the Candy Locks it will be rainbow (kind of like a clown's!) but you'll be able to make it all one color with the purchase of a hair color item.

These are merely just my personal suggestions. I'd pay serious cash for some awesome Lemmy mutton chops.
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Post it here.

I was told by a GM in IRC to post it this is the "suggestions and ideas" section.
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