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This board must only be used for posting anything related to third party.

When posting a new thread make sure to use one of the following tags:

[REL] For releasing an application
[WIP] For anything that is still a wip
[DISC] Use this for discussions related to third party
[CONC] This must be used for any conceptual/theoric stuff
[REQ] For requests

Applications Rules
Your application thread you must include the following:
  • Brief description of what it is/what it does
  • Source code(Read below)

You need to post the source of your application or send it to someone in the list below. They will check for any malicious code and give their approval.
Web applications which does not ask for user to input sensitive data(username, password, email) and scripts which allows user to check on the source are exempt from this rule

The following is a list of people who can check on your code and approve it
  • Eleeleth
  • Blam
  • Lite
  • box

Bots Rules
These rules apply for public servers only

Bots aren't allowed to:
  • Speak(Public or Whisper);
  • Record the chat;
  • Be in the active players list;

Bots are allowed to:
  • Record match results;

Prohibited Bots(Including Private Servers):
  • Promobots;
  • Pedobots;
  • Bromobots;
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