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1.7kk Prize Tournament
Hello cuties! Welcome to a normal bracket tournament, and the first event out of two I shall be doing in the upcoming months.

The tournament’s mod shall only be uwushu! That and that alone! It will be first to 3 wins, and the bracket shall be double-elimination, meaning there will be a losers round.

-How to participate-
There are two ways you can participate! You can either pay the entry-fee of 5k TC to instantly be put in the bracket, or you could take the risky route and simply go through the qualifiers. Be warned, there will be 50 spots available for the qualifiers. I may not get that many, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The qualifiers are slightly different from the main bracket, the mod is still uwushu but it is instead first to 2 wins, and previously there was no losers-round for this qualifier, but to give more of a chance to the ones who don’t pay the entry-fee, there will be a losers-round as well. The winner of said qualifiers will be the last contestant in the tournament.

If you’d like to compete, you have two options to reply with on this post.

-I have sent 5k TC to Succubus.-


-I’ll go through the Qualifiers.-

The qualifiers is set to begin March 20th, so the sign-ups will be open for the next 17 days.
There is no limit for sign-ups to instantly be put into the bracket thanks to the entry fee.
But there are only 50 spots if you opt instead for the qualifiers.

  • This tournament is supposed to be recorded, though it no longer has to be played with me present. You must send the replays of the match to count however.
  • Entering with your main and your alt are not allowed, such as paying the fee and then attempting to go through the qualifiers with an alt. But in the event you are banned and can only play on your alt, you will be allowed to replace your main.
  • Ping = Lost.
  • For the qualifiers the deadline to complete your match is a week, where-as in the main bracket it will be 2 weeks.
  • If you fail to complete your match, you could possibly be given extended time with a fair reason, but if both are inactive in doing so the pair will be disqualified.
  • If I somehow am inactive for a longer period of time, the deadlines on any remaining matches will be pushed back due to it.

(First Place Prizes)
1kk/1,000,000 TC.
Anime Hair.
Demon Force.

(Second Place Prizes)
500k/500,000 TC.
Impure Force

(Third Place Prizes)
250k/250,000 TC.
Kitsune Tails
Imperial Force

(Other Prizes)
The entry-fee will go towards round by round TC, the amount depending on how many people are in the tournament. If you’re eliminated in Round 1, you will get an ect amount of TC. The further you go, the more TC you’d get if you were eliminated.


The deadline for the completion of the qualifier tournament is April 12th, afterwards the "Ymir Appreciation Tournament" will begin on April 14th, where the completion is to be before May 15th.
Deadline to sign up for the Qualifiers, or the Entry-Fee to be put into the bracket is March 19th.

(Thanks to Ymir for a 200k Donation.)
(Thanks to Desi for a 600k Donation.)

(Thanks to SabreRage for 500k Donation.)

(Current amount of Entry-Fee TC for round-by-round rewards - 90k)


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Hey cuties, (specifically qualifying ones for now) sign-ups will end today for the entry-fee and qualifier brackets. There's only eight of ya right now, so this part probably will not take long, unless more sign-up last day.

March 20th sign-ups will be closed, and then I'll randomize the bracket so we can begin the qualifiers. Just the qualifiers for now.

The server's name will be Ymir Qualifying, and the matches shall only be counted if I am present. Speaking of me being present, I will be free all of March 20th. On March 21st, 22nd, and 23rd I'll be at work from 9:30AM to 1:30PM CST. After that I'll be free all day for the rest of the first deadline. Due to those small hiccups, I'll add an extra three days onto the week deadline starting on March 20th. So, you will have until March 30th to at least complete your first-round matches.
Lemme in with the entry-fee I been sent TC
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Originally Posted by Succubus View Post
Just the qualifiers for now.

when is the entry fee braket starting? i was planning to play my round 1 game and then forfeit cause i won't be playing toribash after the 22nd for quiet sometime.

if its not starting before the 22nd you can give my spot to any one from the qualifiers, i dont want a refund.
Originally Posted by Majed View Post
when is the entry fee braket starting? i was planning to play my round 1 game and then forfeit cause i won't be playing toribash after the 22nd for quiet sometime.

if it's not starting before the 22nd you can give my spot to any one from the qualifiers, I don't want a refund.

Ah that's unfortunate. I'm not sure it'd exactly be fair if I just gave the spot to someone in the qualifiers when the entire purpose of it was to allow people who either couldn't get enough TC, or didn't want to spend TC to compete.

You never know if you'd suddenly want to come back and compete, so I'll keep you in the bracket until the deadline passes when the tournament does start, and I'll make sure to return the 5k if you do not end up competing.

The tournament technically is supposed to start on April 14th, but considering we only have 9 people in the qualifying bracket, I highly doubt it will take until then, though it is possible.
Qualifier Bracket has been randomized, (The ones that paid the Entry-Fee will be randomized after it's complete since the winner of said qualifiers is being put into that bracket.)

Style will be replacing Majed.

Qualifiers have also started, so now you'll be able to get your matches done. I've been suggested to allow you all to fight without me being present (It's so I did not suffer a headache.) So, you do not have to join the designated server anymore, but you will have to post all the replays in the fight to count. If someone comes to me before a match starts so I could record it, I'll appear. Otherwise, you can fight on your own time.
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Unsure if I should extend the deadline, besides CoCo and RC getting their match done recorded. (And Felipao telling me Ryuu hasn't responded to him.) Pretty sure most of them have forgotten the event. In any case, after March 30th those who have yet to do a match will forfeit. (Though it is different in y3baidan's case)