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"The ballad of gay tony"
New episode from Gta

Finally some new add ons that were NEEDED AND BEGGED FOR!!

Parachutes ( :> )
More missions ()Gta 4 alone get's extremely boring after completiion for me ;o)

Being able to enter clubs.

And much much more!

Can't wait for release in Oct. 29th :>
"Can't see California with Marlon Brando's eyes"


"She isn't real.... Can't make her real"
It also comes out OFFLINE ON DISC.
With The Lost and Damned as well. I want both badly.
Its good to see DLC on disc being released at about the same time. (halo, Im looking at you)

Hope theres as many goodies in this expantion as there was in the last one.

Next person to make a gay joke is gay
I like that they are really giving you a feel of the ENTIRE story, that happened in the GTA IV period of time.
Lost and the Damned really gave an insight of the stuff you didn't fully understand in GTA IV. Gay Tony was a rather minor character but in the major story, he did make a big impact. I can't wait to check it out.
This is not my cellulite.