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Is anyone else excited for this game? It's already out on the DS but apparently the DS version will not be localised.

It's an original Studio Ghibli story realised by Level 5.

Wow, you can tell it was Level 5 who made it, it looks exactly like Dark Cloud 2.

I'll check out the review when it comes out.

I like Level 5.
Damn I miss wibbles.
The artistic style and graphics definitely look very well made... the gameplay doesn't seem to derive much from the RPG staple, but it seems like it will be an overall quality product.

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i'm confused, is it ds or ps3?

Released on DS in 09. Trailer is for PS3 version

PS3 ver is more likely to be localised than DS
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Looks like PS3. Doubt the DS can handle what's there.

Literally 50/50 chance I was wrong by guessing, I got the shit 50.
Looks like a slightly modified Final Fantasy to me, loved the cartoon-ish graphics though.
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