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1st person story game anyone?
So 1st of all i hope this is the right place for this thread.

I'm wondering if you guys know any (As the title says) 1st person story games?
For example i enjoyed the crap out of "Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth" and i like Half-Life 2 too.

The best thing is the adventure after all so i guess if you know absolutely no game that fits the description feel free to post something like Monkey island too

Oh btw if anyone has a "Monkey Island Special edition Le chucks revenge save i would kill for it.
I lost all progress when i re-installed my computer and i don't want to replay the thing and make it less magic
(I was at his lair in the end trying to get out of some shapeshifting tunnel.)

Just post something
PM me with any and all questions
These are some that come to mind:

-Deus Ex (the original);
-All Bethesda games;
-Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines (first game to use the Source engine iirc);
You mean a fps with a good story mode?
Or just any first person game with a good story?
If it's the second one, you should try Amnesia. I haven't played it, but I have watched a bunch of other people play it, and it looks really good.
Already played it Loved it and looking forward to the new one (Amnesia: A machine for pigs)
Also the first one to suggest one of the newer CoD stories will be shot.
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PM me with any and all questions
"The I need to find this game" Thread, ask there.
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