i was thinking about starting a gamebattles team
they have an arena for LoL now, which is awesome
so if you wanna start something like this, pm me
(you can win cash for playing if you rank high enough or play in tournaments)
If I do one I think i'll be making my own.

Also, guys, new free heroes are out and they are pretty fucking awesome, especially Ezrael, he reminds me of full metal alchemist.
He's really good at beginning mid and end, pretty much all of them, although he loses some of it at the end due to massive HP tanks, you can use your ult which does like 2/4 then use the teleport spell and then the two long range spells, they will usually be dead before you use them all anyway
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runes come into play so much dont buy any until ur 20

I whispered you while you were playing as Ezrael, how do you like him?