haha legs go brr because upstairs brain replay ideas gjgjgjgjgjgj
<BISH> kick chan my modes are moving on their own~
quick double full

and playing with self grabs on the trampoline w/Goughy
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Raid Challenge with no arms in 1085 frames

End platform touched in 983 frames
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honestly man i m shook. that glidy side flip over the first gap was so smooth i think i slid off my chair watching it.
backwards role was a little iffy to watch but it flowed great so i'll let it slide ;)

a kong gainer over the ledge, a stroke of genius, and the jump afterwards had so much height!!
i feel like you could've used that height and substituted it for a little more distance. the rest i think is filler but the flop at the end really got me.

loving the consistency you're getting with the uploads dude.

hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord